Sunday, September 28, 2014

Old Photos: Love My Tortoise

I have been creating blogs recently.  Actually only one seriously, focused in a cross-eyed way on the history of seed companies and the general gardener's use of purchased seeds.  But while I am crawling through the internet attics that tell the stories I keep stumbling over wonderful photos from the past!  To amuse friends, I started two that are cat and dog blogs, Good Dog! Snapshots from the 20th Century and Cat Smiles.   I am not sure why I started the main blog, only I was looking up stuff for myself and I wanted to share it; it seemed a waste to find cool bits and pieces then leave them in the attic!

That all said, what do I do when I find something I like so much I want to share it but it isn't in any of my categories?  As you have already guessed, the answer is to stick them here!

I love these two photos.  For no reason I can pin point, I think it is the the 1940s or early1950s...probably England.

If you have never read Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals, give it a try. An enchanting memoir from a world renowned naturalist, focusing on his childhood on Corfu where his English family went to escape the grey and sneezes of England.