Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vole War

My war on voles, part 1.

This picture is of holes and collapsed tunnels that have ruined my garden. The voles hollow out under the plant so it has no soil for the roots or they eat the tubers, roots and bulbs. They sucked down my Hakone Grass like linguini...grass blades, roots and all! I go around like a crazy lady poking a stick into the garden to find their tunnels and tramp them down. I have begun to research how to chase them from my land! Fall is prime trapping season I have read. I am starting to tap into all those trapping tricks I read about in countless "We Lived in the Wilderness" books....I even boiled a trap to get rid of the human scent. (Caught a cricket that night!!!) is the enemy. Specimen kindly supplied by visiting cat who hunts in my yard as his yard is much to tidy. I was so sincere in my complements to him I was allowed to pet him for the first time.

Notice the nasty little bulb gnawing incisors!

Just want to point out the short little vole tail.

Coming sooner or later, my probably useless attempts to trap them...

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