Sunday, July 24, 2005

BBC 4 and me

I absolutely love BBC radio 4.

I commute a total of two hours a day and if I didn't have something to listen to I'd blow my brains out! To be able to listen to interesting people talk about everything from nanotubes to slime mold during this time is my idea of heaven. I capture the audio as a mp3 using WireTap (super program) and burn it to what I call "BBC Potpourris" on CDs.

For anyone who is a gardener, or likes listening to gardners, I'd say for you to try Gardner's Question Time.
Open Country is very cool if you like to arm chair travel around Great Britain...and Excess Baggage takes you all over. All of the above are in tbe BBC's "Factual" category. Under "Science" there are many to pick from...try The Material World. Unexpected topics delightfully delved into include the following...

"Saving Bagpuss

A recent BBC poll voted Bagpuss the nation's favourite BBC children's TV show of all time.

The saggy old cloth cat is 30 years old and taking part in Southampton University’s Puppet Research Project.

By analysing Bagpuss using infrared spectrometry, researchers are trying to stop him becoming more bag than puss.

On this week’s Material World, Quentin Cooper talks to his creator Peter Firmin and textile conservation expert Dinah Eastop."

It can't get better than this :-)

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