Monday, July 25, 2005

kitchen flashback

My plumbing project had several people wondering about the rest of the kitchen project. It is far from done, but this is it to date.

Above was partly through getting the plumbing unhooked and the sink and dishwasher out.

By 6 PM the trusty Sawz-all had sliced up that nasty orange top because I couldn't get the darn thing out any other way that I could handle!

I love tearing stuff out. This is what was left by 8:30. The roundy thing is what is inside those corner cupboards that have a pivoting shelf system.

This used to be floor to ceiling magazine library. I took out the shelves on the bottom to get ready for the new sink cabinet.

I really enjoy the one piece stainless top. I can make a mess and it cleans up instantly.

Next....I figure if I cut a hole in the wall of the kitchen into a closet in the den I could put the frig into it and use the space where the frig is for a prep bench. (to be continued)

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