Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Voldemort's wand...

I was going to title this "Waste not, want not" because I couldn't make myself toss away the yew I cut down. The yew was too close to the house and the moist shade has attracted carpenter ants which are eating my house!
When I looked up "yew" to see if I was going to get sick from handling the wet sappy bark I found that you-know-who had his wand made of yew. I also found that, unless I eat the leaves, seeds, bark or wood, I'm OK.

When the mosquitoes got pushy I brought it in to peel while I watched TV. It's sort of peeling off dead skin from a bad sunburn.

The big hunks of bark from the main trunk I am drying strapped to pumpkin cans so they keep their shape. Left to follow their own inclinations the bark pieces curl tightly as they dry.

I am making the big yew tree for my art room at school...the small one is becoming something for my house as it will stand when upside down...a lamp? a balance point for a balance toy? I'll post a picture as it evolves:-)

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