Sunday, July 10, 2005

Me and the chameleon

One of the last things I did before leaving school for the summer was to plaster this chameleon.

This is at my art room in Nathan Hale School in Manchester CT USA (I am also posted at Waddell School-2 days at NH and 3 at Waddell)

A gift of a roll of burlap and some scrounged free plaster gave me the materials I needed. I ran out of plaster so it isn't done yet. BTW Elementary age children are not allowed by law to use plaster as it can be hazardous. The chicken wire and tubing armature is stuffed with plastic bags...mainly so you could "see" it before the skin was on. I pulled many of the bags out to promote drying.

It SHOULD fit out the door and go up to the library where he will live. My idea is to have it look like he has recently been sitting on a picture on his skin the words "Once upon a time..." will be coming into focus.

I have misplaced/deleted (?) the plaster pics...check back and hopefully they will have shown up.

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