Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mod cons!!!!

I am so happy! I now have running water in the kitchen after months of running up and downstairs to the basement to wash dishes. Last winter, when my husband went on a trip, I tore out the kitchen which I had hated since we bought the house. It was bright orange formica and reddish brown was like living in a rotting pumpkin! I figured climbing the stairs is good for me...while living with an aesthetic annoyance probably shortens my life. (Besides, I love tearing stuff up.)

Then I discovered Ikea. (Music, please...)

I love Ikea. I have been trying to get friends to go there so I could go back more often (so far, no takers...sigh). I wasn't allowed to tarry in the children's husband could see the writing on the I haven't been able to explore there yet! We found a kitchen we really like...we bought it..and my sweetie-pie assembled it for me.

But a sink without drains or water is still not quite "the thing". Spring break gave me the time to plumb in the then I could bring up buckets of hot water and do the dishes upstairs. It was so cool. Advancements in technology are truly appreciated when they are on this basic level. I pulled a hose from the garden in through the lavatory window, sawed a hole in the wall over the sink and..voila!..cold, running water. I even bought hose rated for potable water supplies. I felt I had it made!

Summer is here, and with it the time to deal with water like a grown-up should. And I did..sort of. And here it is.
(Music should swell here and fade out....)

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